With the added benefit of a selection of alternative fee arrangements to suit your budget, you can rest assured knowing that your legal matter is being dealt with using precision and efficiency from start to finish.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

To provide you with confidence when budgeting for your legal matter, we are pleased to offer a range of flexible and practical arrangements for our professional fees.

Fixed Fee

Only pay the exact quoted amount for our fee for a predefined scope of work. No matter how long it takes to complete the work, and regardless of our efforts in completing the legal task, you only pay exactly what is quoted at the start. Depending on the size of your legal matter, this fee might be suitable for the whole or part of the services needed.

Capped Fee

You pay no more than the quoted amount for our fee, and if it takes less time to complete the work that you requested, then you pay less than the quoted amount. For this arrangement, we provide you with a maximum quote for our professional fee at the start of the matter, and confirm the final amount once work is completed. The final amount will be equal to, or less than, our initial quote.

Strategic Fee

Under this arrangement, you only pay for the exact amount of time it takes to complete the work. Strategic fees arrangements are often used for variable legal work. An estimate is provided upfront, and during the matter the estimate may be adjusted as new information or work is received. This arrangement is offered on either a flat hourly rate or on a professional fee scale.

Hybrid Fee

Using a combination of the fixed, capped and/or strategic options. For example, you may have a fixed-fee arrangement for the first stage to prepare draft legal documents, then for the second stage you might use a capped-fee or strategic fee for the time needed to finalise documents & receive advice prior to signing those documents with a lawyer during a consultation.

Disbursements At Cost

These are payments to third parties for your legal matter, such as lodging fees, court fees, postage, and barrister’s fees that are separate to our professional fee. Regardless of which professional fee arrangement is used (fixed, capped, etc), disbursements are payable by you ‘at cost’ – no extra.

Which is the best fee arrangement?

You get transparency with TJF Australia under all fee arrangements. Each arrangement is offered based on matter suitability, and the full terms and conditions are contained in our cost disclosure and agreement which is provided to you at the start of the matter, together with a clear, written quote. This provides you with predictability in your legal costs which will help you to create more accurate budgets and plan for costs in advance.

If you want predictability, transparency, fairness and certainty in your legal fees, look no further. Our alternative fee arrangements and retainer options are designed to suit both private and commercial needs.

Ongoing Retainers

Where you need access to a higher volume of legal services, or if you have a more complex legal matter, an ongoing retainer can offer increased value and may be more suitable. We offer these for clients from a range of backgrounds, including professional advisors (such as Accounting and Financial firms), commercial enterprises, large charities & not-for-profit organisations, and high net worth individuals.

An ongoing retainer may be based on time, stages in a complex matter, or tasks for bulk legal work. All ongoing retainers have a predefined scope of service and inclusions. For any matter which falls outside the scope of the retainer, we can easily facilitate this for you under an alternative fee arrangement.

Monthly Retainer

If you are a business owner, or a commercial firm (such as a tax, financial or other professional advisory firm) we can offer you a monthly retainer with a predefined scope of work, with a single monthly price for our professional fees. This is an economical & practical option for ongoing legal support, and it allows you to have reliable legal support without the hassle of individual quotes. A single monthly fee is also budget-friendly.

Bundled Retainer

If you need us to act for you across numerous matters which are related, tie into a single broad transaction, and/or that occur frequently, then we can offer you a bundled retainer for those legal services. With a bundled retainer we are able to detail the blocks of work to be completed for you in a predefined scope, all for a single price. In effect, we offer multiple services in a ‘bulk buy’ package, allowing you to access reduced professional fees for the required work.

Annual Retainer

If you need regular legal support over the course of at least a 12-month period, we can offer an annual retainer for a predefined scope of services. Annual retainers provide us the ability to package our professional fees at a very competitive rate. Annual retainers also promote the development of a strong lawyer-client relationship. This means that you to get the benefit of advice from a team who genuinely understand your business. A single annual fee also provides certainty for your budget.

Litigation Retainer

When we provide a quote for a litigious matter, we always provide you with a written estimate based on known information. Due to the unpredictable nature of litigation, our quote will be broken down into separate phases or stages which are contingent on certain events (e.g. completion of a stage but the matter remains unresolved). This is to ensure that you are only paying for necessary work and you are aware of cost of proceeding onto the next stage of litigation.

Be Strategic.
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