Our services are designed for you on a case by case basis, depending on your industry and specific needs. You benefit from unbridled accessibility to legal support that conveniently aligns with your lifestyle and business.

We understand that the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply when it comes to legal services. Our clients are in a range of different industries, both individuals and businesses, each with their own specific needs. We help you create an appropriate service that suits your legal needs, budget and availability.

Our services are structured to add value for you. We can tailor packages to fit your needs, with as much (or as little) included as you would prefer. This means you are not out-of-pocket for ‘extras’ you don’t require.

Fast, Practical & Flexible Delivery Options

Traditional legal practices can require ongoing, lengthy face to face meetings to receive your instructions and to provide you with legal advice. This is usually impractical and disruptive to your day to day life and tends to increase your overall legal costs. It is widely recognised that this is an increasingly antiquated approach to legal services.

At TJF Australia we invest in the latest, innovative legal software for enhanced workflow, security, and confidentiality and to provide prompt completion of your work. A range of modern communication is leveraged to allow for a fluid and practical delivery of our services.

We happily diverge from the traditional delivery of legal services to better assist you. Our ‘real world’ approach focuses on understanding your lifestyle and business. This is what underpins the offering of convenient delivery methods using modern communication systems – all to your advantage.

We can assist you by telephone, joint conference calls, email, skype video calls, and face to face consultations at our office or depending on where you are, we can come to you. Appointments can be arranged any day of the week. You chose the delivery mode that suits your needs and your schedule.

Migrants & Non-English Speakers

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds each with their own unique circumstances. If you are a recent migrant or simply prefer to communicate in your native language to be more comfortable, we understand. Please let us know your language preference so that we can arrange an interpreter for you.

Be proactive.
Start now for your success.